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Full Groom Treatment

When your dog comes to Country K9s for a full groom, we will firstly give your dog a health check allowing us to assess your dog's skin and coat condition. This ensures we use the correct products. Then a good brush through, removing any loose coat and tangles.

Your dog will be given two warm washes including a massage all over using only the best quality Requal shampoos and conditioners.

Your precious dog will then be dried thoroughly ready for preparation work and styling.

We can style your dog to breed standard or your preference to the highest of standards, just let us know, we are happy to accommodate.

When you visit we will discuss in depth your exact grooming requirements, we are always happy to do something "a little different" or advise you on what style we think would suit your dog.

We will always keep a detailed record of styles created on your dog and other important information both yours and your dog's like and dislikes, health and wellbeing records.

  • HYGIENE - We will clean and clear away any excess hair from your dog's private areas, armpits & between pads for hygiene reasons.
  • NAILS - It is important to keep your dog's nails trimmed short, as long nails make walking painful as it disables the natural movement of the dog's toes. This service is included within your full grooming but can be offered as a separate treatment.
  • EARS - Ears canals will be checked and cleaned, often on the woolier breeds of dog's hair will grow down into the ear canal; this will be gently pulled out. This is necessary to keep the ear healthy and prevent bacterial infections.
  • WASH & GO - Wash and go service, your dog will have 2 shampoos using Requal natural products, then a blast and towel dryed.
  • TEETH CLEANING - Dog dental care is essential to your dog's health and hygiene. Regular teeth cleaning helps to prevent gum disease by keeping plaque and tartar build up to a minimum and also helps to eliminate bad breath.

Your dog dental will include:

Teeth brushing using natural baking soda tooth paste then a Dental gel or spray: effectively reduces plaque and bad breathe.

  • TEETH DESCALING - Available if your dog will allow.
  • HAND STRIPPING - Hand Stripping gives your dog's coat a natural finish, by removing dead coat & helping to maintain a wire texture and a rich coat colour. This service is only available for dogs which have not been previously clipped.
  • MICROCHIPPING - Microchipping is available within the complex or in the comfort of your own home. Puppy litter microchipping is also available. (Please ring for prices)
  • CAT GROOMING - Cat grooming is available but two members of staff need to be available.
  • HORSE CLIPPING - Horse clipping service also available please ring for details.